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Abuja Uber drivers commences strike action!

The popular Uber drivers in Abuja, the nations capital, have commenced a strike action against the American taxi company. This is serious but not that strange considering the multitude of issues Uber has had to contend with in other parts of the world.

The drivers downed tools on the 31st of October citing various grouses against the global company.

Uber nigeria

Uber is becoming increasingly popular in Abuja and Lagos especially among young, and upwardly mobile people.

Uber allows private car owners to register to work as drivers. The taxis can easily be ordered online by prospective commuters via their app in their mobile phones or computers.

Statement for Uber Partners states reason for strike action as follows: “The economic changes we are experiencing has made some trips quite unprofitable, if not impracticable. The evident nonchalant attitude to our request is seen as further worsening an already difficult business situation for Partners. It re-emphasizes the perception that this is not a partnership. “We have looked at our operations and decided to begin to trim off the inefficient trips. Partners have decided that starting Monday 31st October 2016, trips to and from the airport will not be completed.”

Summary of issues at the heart of the strike is bothering on alleged inadequate  compensation by Uber to the partners and drivers. It is reported that several attempts have been made to address these grievances without much success. What has complicated matters is the lack-lustre attitude of Uber management in dealing with these issues.

The issue with Uber Nigeria is an example of how difficult it is to transfer foreign model to Nigeria without appropriate modification to suit local context. Uber has a future in Nigeria but she must sufficiently learn and understand Nigeria operational environment and modify its modus operandi accordingly. This is what is sometimes called ‘glocalisation’.