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Credit Suisse’s new boss is an African role model

Tidjane Thiam, just named CEO of Credit Suisse, has a line he once fed a headhunter: “I am happy to interview. But you need to tell them you found someone who’s black, African, Francophone, and 6ft 4.”

 He landed the job, a senior-management gig at Aviva, the British insurer, and rose quickly through the ranks. After six years, he left to become CFO of Prudential in the UK in 2008. A year later: he was CEO.
An Ivory Coast native, Thiam’s ascension to the top job at Credit Suisse, the seventh largest investment bank in the world, is noteworthy. Unlike say executives of Indian or Chinese origin, there are next to no first-generation black African role models at the very top of global businesses. Corporate America has been a tougher maze to navigate for both Africans and African Americans. There are currently just five African American CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. -Read More at: