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Make ‘cool’ cash from urban farming


Urban farming is the new trend around the world which is catching on here in Nigeria. Urban farming is simply cultivating crops or rearing animals in a city. Urban farms can be seen across major cities in the world. Some of the popular ones include New York urban farming style shop, Portland has its Urban Farmers Store, Rotterdam Uit je eigen stad project, The Earthworks Urban Farm in Detroit and Farm Fresh in Abuja. Urban farms can generate significant cash to the owners due to relatively high cost of farm produce in the city.

Urban farm

These farms are slightly different from conventional farms in 3 main ways.

  1. Small size: The farm tends to be smaller in size due to limited land available in the city, but it uses high end technology and know-how to ensure higher than normal productivity per unit area.
  2. These farms also tends to focus on certain type of crops, typically vegetables, which have shorter shelf lives, therefore lending themselves to urban farms, which are generally closer to the “market”. The farm also tend rear easy to rear animals like chicken and fishes.
  3. Multiple streams of income: In many cities around the world, these farms are also used either as a restaurant or open air bar. The farm space is utilized to the limit to ensure it generate enough revenue.

You can easily start this with little capital provided you have enthusiasm for farming and business sense. The most important resource you need is a land for the farming. This land can be rented or bought, depending on how much cash you have to invest. what most people do is rent the land for the start, particularly targeting undeveloped plots in the city.

Thereafter, you need to source the right quality seed or animal stock. Your farm productivity is based to a large extent on the quality of your seed.

You need to have access to an expert who can guide on best cultural practices to optimize your yield. When your produce is ready, ensure you sell for a premium to the right customers who appreciate fresh quality farm produce.

I hope you would consider this business opportunity carefully.


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