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Recession is causing no good but harm




Everyone who thought they actually could outrun the plague when it initially put to start has motionlessly been slapped twice on the face, rightly before they were asked to shut up.

Sir? This boy slapped you; RECESSION.

It’s so strong enough, and has caused just a handful of more poverty, health challenges and death stories. Not solely is recession affecting your health, it does relatively affect your business as well says, Dr. Tochukwu Uwaezuoke.

Uwaezuoke elucidates that the recession has been auto-fix on a formation really sensitive enough to expose a lot of Nigerians to pre-dispositional heart diseases and other risk factors which has virtually gotten escalated into multiples of hypertension as a result of the financial heart of the country’s economy.

“In addition, it makes it harder for a person who either has heart disease or a predisposing condition to access healthcare especially as healthcare costs are borne out-

Of-pocket and there are many competing needs for scarce funds,” Guardian quotes him as saying.

Not only, is the recession causing health problem. It’s also making out on other indirect links to enable pathway diseases such as poor nutrition, poor preventive healthcare, and poor adherence to medication due to the re-curring of economic bad times.

Consequently, Uwaezuoke requested everyone to put checks to their health with no regards to the recession. He likely directed a message to the government that policies to assuage the economic hardship need to be put in place.

“We know that the economic climate is now tough. So, basically, everybody, every adult Nigerian should be checked at least once in a year. That includes blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, ECGs and the basic things”


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