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Financing solutions for SMEs:

Lack of access to finance is a major challenge facing legitimate businesses in Nigeria, particularly small businesses. We intend to tackle this challenge head-on by providing needed finance for small businesses in a way that enable them to scale their business and support the achievement of their business goal. We would in a confidential, efficient and structured manner leveraging, technology as much as possible. Do you need financing for your business, drop us a line.

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Business advisory services for SMEs

Nigeria business environment is a challenging one and ability to navigate the ecosystem is a difference between successful and failed businesses. We provide general and bespoke consulting services to businesses, particularly those in the early phase, to enable them to develope their business. In doing this, we leverage our over 5 years of business development services for hundreds of small businesses in Nigeria. We also offer business training for business owners and those willing to start a business.

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CSR consulting

A well thought out corporate social responsibility programme can a business gain wider acceptance and credibility with her stakeholders. Such acceptance can help a business achieve its goals, for example, by increasing the sale of its products and or services. We have cognate experience in supporting businesses to plan and deliver a fit for purpose corporate social responsibility project or programme

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